QuakeC is a programming language, similiar to C, which controls many of Quake's primary functions such as ai, spawn functions, weapons, etc. It does however have limitations, but is unlike any other 3D Shooter before in that it will allow more advanced add-ons. The complete QuakeC code is contained in many .qc files which make up can coded in any ascii text editor, which gives you a large list to choose from. When all the .qc files are compiled they form a progs.dat file which Quake uses to get the information. They can be compiled with any QCC, QuakeC Compiler. There are several compilers so I'll tell you the one to get below. Most people that create exceptional QuakeC mods have had some programming experience in their lifetime, but it can still be learned if you're intrested enough.

QuakeC in WordPad

Before you even think about getting started with QuakeC, it would be a good idea to learn the language. There are two documents which best cover this area.

Unofficial QuakeC Specs
QuakeC Manuel

As for utilities, you will need to download the fastest QuakeC Compiler, ProQCC, and seeing that the progs.dat file can be uncompiled, you might want to download Scrambler!, which will insert a line of undecipherable code which will let Quake read it, but not an un-compiler.

You will of course need the source, all the .qc files, in order to create new mods and compile it. Here is a list of the most popular source to Quake and the Mission Packs, as well as the QuakeWorld source. You can get other QuakeC source code with some patches in which the author has graciously released.

Quake 1.06 QuakeC Source
SOA QuakeC Source
DOE QuakeC Source
QuakeWorld QuakeC Source
QuakeWorld SOA QuakeC Source
QuakeWorld DOE QuakeC Source

There were several sites that specialized in QuakeC editing, but most have long dissapeard. There are still two sites which are specializing in tutorials and step-by-step procedures to make editing of game's that use languages and such much easier even if you've had no programming experience at all! These two sites that are left are very informative and definetely worth checking out!

Inside 3D should be the first stop to learning any game's programming language. Full of tutorials and people who will always be willing to help you, Inside 3D is rapidly growing and becoming the #1 site for helping others learn all game's languages, including Quake, Hexen 2, Jedi Knight, and Quake 2!

Dissecting QuakeC is a great site which gives you a complete walk-through of each QuakeC file and what makes them work properly which will really help you become more familiar with the language!

Quake cannot run all of the .qc files in a directory to get the information it needs, so you must compile them before testing them. To compile them place all the .qc files into a reserved directory, best if nothing else is their to confuse you. Before the compilation begins, open the progs.src in any ascii text editor. This file contains the output directory of the progs.dat file in the first line and then the order of which the .qc files will be combined. Note that sometimes errors can occur if something is out of a particular order here, so examine the original to see the proper order. Also note that this is only for particular files which drive Quake's basics. Now when you're all ready to compile, execute ProQCC and be sure to watch for errors so you can see how to fix them. QuakeC is by far one of the most difficult fields of Quake editing and it may take many tries until you get your desired effects.

If you are looking into creating new entities, such as monsters and sprites you will need to learn some QuakeC. I have set up pages for this to help you as well. My example will show you a little QuakeC that shows how I made two simple entities and an ambient sound. If you feel that you would like to learn more QuakeC then visit the helpful sites I listed above. Those who fully understand and learn this language are very valuable in projects and needed badly. QuakeC masters also gain a lot of respect and admiration for creating cool add-ons too!

Running QuakeC Patches
QuakeC patches are applied by placing the progs.dat file in the mods directory, see my helpful Setup Batch File to set up the proper directories for running modifications and my Pak File Page. Of course you'll have to compile the .qc files if it hasn't already been done. See the above paragraph to learn how if you have not done so yet or don't know how. On a final note and an answer to many newbies common question, "Can I use the _____ patch and _____ together?" The answer is no. You cannot load more than one progs.dat at one time unfortunately. However, if you have the source code you can try to combine the files into a workable combination and then compile your own new patch.

Some of my Favorite Patches

Here are Some of My favorite QuakeC Patches. I think these Really Kick Ass and are worth Downloading. If you want more then go to The QuakeC Archives.

Steven Polge's Reaper Bots
Now here is something truly amazing. Computer Controlled Deathmatch Opponents with Killer AI! This patch is loads of fun when you can't or just don't feel like getting on-line. The bots have adjustable skill levels and can be used in any map! A must have! In fact Steven got a job working on the AI for Unreal because of this!

The Awesome Reapers

Ken Turner's Willy The Spider
This surely is One of the Best New Quake Monsters out today! It is definitely Worth the Download because of sheer innovation and detail. Why it's so good the people at Shrak threw him in there retail TC!

Rob Albin's Chasecam
This Camera Patch Adds a Whole New Feel to Quake. It gives you a choice between the normal first person point-of-view and a chasecam like in Mario 64 and Shadows of The Empire. It's also incredible to compare the size of the player to the level and monsters.

This is one of the best add-ons I've played since CTF! The maps are especially cool as well as the modes of play! I'm also glad to see Ridah is making sure to keep it updated! When this thing is complete it's gonna rule! It currently has many cars and a cool front-end launcher! You can race with time trials and even deathmatch with weapons atop the car! It's kinda like Mario Kart 64, Twisted Metal, and Cruisin the World! I've even been thinking about making a map for it! You see, what I'm trying to say is that...QuakeRally kicks motherfu*kin ass! :)

What are you waiting for? Download this now!

Jeff Epley's Morph into Monsters Patch
I used to play on a great server running this, but I forgot the IP! This Patch Allows You to Morph into Monsters and Fight With Them! With the exception of the wussy ones, Grunts, Enforcers, and Knights. Very Cool Being a Fiend and Slashing Someone's Heart Out! If anyone knows the IP's of any servers running this then send em to me. I'd love to see this ported to QuakeWorld...

Kenneth's Harpoon Cannon
Of all the grappling hook replacements, this is my favorite. It includes a cool harpoon gun and sounds. Check this one out!

Kenneth's Lightsaber Conversion
Another good one by Kenneth. This replaces the axe with a Lightsaber and also uses the Chasecam Patch so you can see th action. Multiskin is also in with a Dark Jedi Clan Skin, Luke Skywalker, and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

A More Elegant Weapon

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