Your final grade on the class will be a weighted combination of the following assessments:

  • (20%) Homework: The homework grade will be determined after dropping the worst grade among all the assignments.
  • (20% + 20%) Two self-scheduled, midterm exams: Midterms will be available from Friday through the following Wednesday and you will be allowed 1.5 hours to complete them during that period. The exams will focus primarily (but not exclusively) on topics covered about 4-5 weeks prior to the exam.
  • (40%) Final, self-scheduled exam: The final exam will be available during the final exam period in December. It will be self-scheduled, 3 hours in duration, and will be comprehensive with respect to topics covered in class.

Students cannot use any source other than class notes or the textbook to solve problems on the exams. Please note that self-scheduled exams are student proctored and governed by the honor code. Requests for late submission of homework will not be entertained except in the case of a verifiable, documented emergency (medical or personal).

Accommodations for Disabilities

Bryn Mawr College is committed to providing equal access to students with a documented disability. Students needing academic accommodations for a disability must first register with Access Services. Students can call 610-526-7516 to make an appointment with the Access Services Director, Deb Alder, or email her at to begin this confidential process. Once registered, students should schedule an appointment with me as early in the semester as possible to share the verification form and make appropriate arrangements. Please note that accommodations are not retroactive and require advance notice to implement. Any student who has a disability-related need to tape record this class must first speak with the Access Services Director and to me, the instructor. Because of laws within the State of Pennsylvania, class members need to be aware that this class may be recorded. More information can be obtained at Access Services.

Honor Code/Academic Integrity

I regard plagiarism as a very serious matter. In this class, plagiarism consists of work taken partially or entirely from an uncited source (the Internet, a peer, a published article, etc.) and assumed as your own. While I encourage collaboration, it is strictly limited to verbal communication and discussion: any written or electronic communication of completed solutions etc. will be considered plagiarism and a violation of the honor code. Quite simply, all work turned in must be in your own words. If you are caught plagiarizing, I will ask that you report yourself to the Bryn Mawr Honor Board.