Assigment submission instructions are found here. Follow the instructions for students. Note that the submission script assumes a directory that contains all relevant files. I suggest you make a directory for each homework. Once you are finished, clean up the directory (that is, remove all .o files and executables, in other words, do a "make clean"). Then run the script.

Programming load is heavy in this class, please start all projects EARLY.

Programs get large quickly in this class. Learn to split your program into multiple files. It's much easier to manage this way, espcially if you are working with someone else in a group. At the minimum, all data structure related functions should be in a separate file from the OpenGL stuff. You should use a Makefile which compiles all of your files into one executable.

Include a README which discusses how your prorgram works or where it doesn't. Documented bugs will be penalized less. If your program behaves any differently from the original specifications, please document it well.

For all programming exercises, hand in a printout of your C/C++ program file as well as your README.