Bryn Mawr College
CS 399: Senior Conference
Spring 2021
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General Information

Instructor: Dianna Xu , Park 203
E-Mail: dxu at cs dot brynmawr dot edu

Lecture Hours: Wednesdays, 11:40am - 1:30pm

Important Dates

2/24: 2-page abstract: you must have a firm topic and direction now
3/10: Extended abstract (8-10 pages) - intro, motivation, background, literature review, your efforts to date
3/24: First draft
4/14: Second draft (10-15 pages)
5/5: Final thesis due (15-20 pages)
5/12: Senior presentations




  1. Brief Intro to LaTeX
  2. Not So Short Intro to LaTeX
  3. Scientific Writing for Computer Science
  4. Writing for Computer Science (useful book for writing)
Student websites
  1. Elia Anagnostou and Fariha Tamboli
  2. Yichun Cao
  3. Chen Fan
  4. Faith Meacham
  5. Haley Nolan
  6. Yupei Sun
  7. Kejing Wang
  8. Yutong Wu