Aline Normoyle
Assistant Professor
Bryn Mawr College
101 North Merion Ave
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010-2899
Computer science at Bryn Mawr.

Hey there! My primary interests are in computer animation and games. To see a subset of my previous work, check out my website. A subset of my current projects include


Graphics, Interaction and Games Lab

My research investigates questions in user interfaces, games, and perception of human movement. If this of interest to you, contact me to apply for an independent study or summer position. Applicants should have taken at least one class in computer graphics, computer animation, robotics, or machine learning.

Student work

Nana Anikuabe explains his work on clustering at the Swarthmore Sigma Xi poster session (September 2019). Poster is by Nana Anikuabe and Mirabai Smoot.

Role Player Game (RPG) Development for Artificial Intelligence Testbed, Katherine Lima, 2019. Katherine created her own multiplayer 2.5D environment, Capture, based on the Flare game engine in C++.

The Q*Bird Level Designer: User-assisted procedural Level Design in Augmented Reality, Yi Fei Cheng, Motion in Games (MIG) Conference, 2019. Yi Fei developed a procedural level generation algorithm for an augmented reality game (Unity, C#).

Adaptive Bayesian learning of Playstyles by Mirabai Smoot and Nana Anikuabe, 2019. Mirabai implemented different clustering algorithms in Python and Jupyter Notebook, including a novel non-parameteric clustering algorithm.