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Processing: Creative Coding and Generative Art in Processing 2, 2013

Curriculum Design

We taught 16 versions of this CS1 at Bryn Mawr College and Southern Methodist Unversity over a period of 2 years. We received overwhelmingly positive student interest and feedback. This course has been integrated into the sustainable regular CS curriculum at both Bryn Mawr and SMU.

Design philosophy:
  • Teach the core CS1 topics as we would in any average traditional Java-based CS1
  • Show applications of these principles with contemporary, diverse examples of computing in a modern context
  • Introduce students to advanced areas not typically accessible in CS1, including:
    • physics-based simulations
    • fractals and L-systems
    • image processing
    • emergent systems
    • cellular automata
    • data visualization

Please use the resources we have provided here freely. We welcome all feedback. If you decide to adopt all or part of our courses, please drop us an email. We'd like to hear from you!

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