Pilot Schools

Our Pilot School program provides advice, assistance, onsite vists and training for adopting Pyro in your curriculum. The following schools are currently in our program:

  1. Alma College
  2. Allegheny College
  3. Bard College
  4. Bloomsburg University
  5. Bowdoin College
  6. Bryn Mawr College
  7. California Lutheran University
  8. Centre College
  9. College of Charleston
  10. Duke University
  11. George Washington University
  12. Harvey Mudd College
  13. Illinois Institute of Technology
  14. Millersville University
  15. Montclair State University
  16. Oberlin College
  17. Pace University
  18. Penn State University-Abington
  19. Pomona College
  20. Purdue University
  21. Ramapo College of New Jersey
  22. Rowan University
  23. Southern Illinois University
  24. Stanford University
  25. SUNY COllege at Potsdam
  26. Swarthmore College
  27. Towson University
  28. Union College
  29. University of California Merced
  30. U-Mass Lowell
  31. University of North Carolina-Asheville
  32. University of North Florida
  33. Worcester State College

How to Become a Pilot School

Under the rubric of this grant, each of the PIs will be mentoring one or two schools as a part of our pilot program. Schools desiring to participate in the pilot program are invited to submit proposals for funding to the NSF DUE CCLI A&I Program (deadlines are in November or December, a new announcement will be issued by NSF in June 2003).

The PI's will assist faculty from candidate schools in preparing and acquiring the funding to become a pilot school. Apart from assistance in preparing the grant proposal, the PI's will engage the pilot schools in the following activities:

  • Summer 1-week long workshops to train faculty on the hardware and software
  • Assistance in course and curriculum preparation
  • Free and open access to all the educational materials
  • Assistance in configuration and ordering of all hardware
  • Anytime assistance on any matters related to the project
  • Web-based discussion groups
  • On-site school visits and talks by PI's at pilot schools
  • Faculty visits to PI schools for further mentoring

Faculty with no prior robotics experience are also welcome to participate.

If interested, please contact one of the PI's listed below:

Checklist for becoming a pilot school:

  1. Contact one of the PI's listed above.
  2. Download and read the complete (mother) proposal (see link on right).
  3. Plan a broad adaptation and implementation (A&I) activity for your institution. Inorder to become a pilot school, you have to be successful in obtaining funding from NSF's CCLI A&I program. Full assistance will be provided by the PIs.
  4. Obtain permission/support from your department chair to offer the course(s) that will make use of the robot equipment.
  5. Submit your A&I proposal to NSF and obtain funding.

If you already have the resources (hardware and travel money) you can also become a pilot school.



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